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Luxurious jewellery for the gypsy soul

Labradorite Arrowhead


Sold Out

These beautiful handcarved Labradorite Arrowheads have a dark grey base color with aggregate layers that refract light as iridescent flashes of peacock blue & pale green. The predominant blue varies within the light, displaying hues from deepest blue to various shades of blue-green.

24 karat gold trimming along the edges of the arrowheads & the long, delicate chain add to the luxurious feel of this earthy design.

Because of the natural aspects of Labradorite, each arrowhead is unique. The photos shown here are just a sample of the batch I made. I will choose a pretty one for you when you place your order.

Chain: 20"+ 2" extension (Total chain length 22")

Arrowhead: 2" 

*Labradorite was discovered in Labrador, Canada, by Moravian missionaries in 1770 who named it for the area. It is, however, referenced in legends by older Inuit tribes, and was known to be in use by the Boethuk peoples of Newfoundland and Labrador. 

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