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Luxurious jewellery for the gypsy soul

Amethyst Mermaid


Sold Out

This little statue features a beautiful metal Mermaid lounging on her gorgeous Amethyst throne. The cluster has a bright purple hue, which is highlighted by the silver toned metal that surrounds the crystal.

The highly detailed, tiny Mermaid admires herself in a mirror while brushing her hair. Her flowing tail and hair are highlighted with an antique gold patina. A combination of colors make up the subtle yet colourful patina that adds to the underwater look of this piece. 

This statue looks gorgeous in a terrarium and also makes a lovely & unique addition to any crystal collection.

Crystal: (aprox) H 3.5"x W 2"x D 1"

Mermaid: L 0.5" (less than half an inch in length)

Materials: Amethyst Crystal, Copper, Nickel

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