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Luxurious jewellery for the gypsy soul

Cicada Ring


Sold Out

The handmade, over the knuckle Cicada ring is super comfortable to wear. The ring is dipped in 24 karat Gold or pure Silver, adding to the luxury of this statement piece. An antique patina shows details and highlights the distressed design, making this ring look as if it just tumbled out of a treasure chest.

*This design is made to order and may take 1-2 weeks for completion.

Cicada symbolism: The Cicada is a symbol of summer, rebirth and longevity. 

Cicada remains underground for much of its life before emerging. When cicada appears to you it speaks of a need to come out from hiding, to break free of what restricts you.
Cicada teaches us communication through music and has a distinctive sound all it's own - use cicada's wisdom to inspire you to share your own unique voice.

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